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Ten Brainy Tips: What Every Fast & Frugal Cook Should Have on Hand and Why?

1- Butter is the best fat with multiple uses: sauteing, searing and a catalyst for sauces.
2- Heavy cream is the perfect finishing ingredient to create any sauce for meat, fish, pasta or vegetable side.
3- Onion, garlic or shallots are staples that add flavor to any dish you want to prepare.
4- Fresh Herbs from the garden or dried are a must: rosemary, mint and oregano are simply the best for any dish.
5- Wine, red or white, is great for cooking, reducing, and or serving with dinner.
6- Eggs have the makings of a meal. Cook em boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, or use eggs to make an omelet or soufflé.
7- Cheeses that are shredded, grated and or melted make any meal more delicious.
8- Potatoes are considered a kitchen staple; boiled, baked, roasted, mashed or even as pancakes provide an excellent side dish to any meat or fish.
9- Tomatoes should be used in sauces/salads and on sandwiches; also consider using fresh Lemons which are great for quick marination.
10- Pasta and Rice are the best and simplest sides to have on hand in the pantry.

*top ten food tips recommended by chef Eric Damidot

 Note ~ Olive oil in the Italian pantry is a given!

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Enjoy the promise of blessings cooking at home for yourself, family and friends!