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Ten Brainy Tips: What Every Fast & Frugal Cook Should Have on Hand and Why?

1- Butter is the best fat with multiple uses: sauteing, searing and a catalyst for sauces.
2- Heavy cream is the perfect finishing ingredient to create any sauce for meat, fish, pasta or vegetable side.
3- Onion, garlic or shallots are staples that add flavor to any dish you want to prepare.
4- Fresh Herbs from the garden or dried are a must: rosemary, mint and oregano are simply the best for any dish.
5- Wine, red or white, is great for cooking, reducing, and or serving with dinner.
6- Fresh Eggs have the makings of a meal. Cook em boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, or use eggs to make an omelet...
7- Cheeses that are shredded, grated and or melted make any meal more delicious.
8- Potatoes are considered a kitchen staple; boiled, baked, roasted, mashed make an excellent side dish to any meat or fish.
9- Tomatoes should be used in sauces/salads and on sandwiches.
10- Lemons which are great for quick marination. 

11- Pasta and rice are the best and simplest sides to have on hand in the pantry.

12- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is the best to use for cooking, dipping or on a salad/antipasto.

*Note ~ Being frugal means being wise with your money. It means avoiding waste and paying more attention to being resourceful. Living a frugal lifestyle has its perks. Studies show that people are more happy living with less which does not mean accepting lower quality... it means making wise choices which gets you more for your money.

*top ten food tips recommended by chef Eric Damidot

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